Laurence Vandenborre Fine Jewelry is more than a jewelry brand, it is the embodiment of a person - a symbol in memory of your precious moments which we are happy to share with you.

Because a piece of jewelry always tells a unique story, we offer you a « à la carte » service: you select a design, a precious stone color & shape, and a gold color. The result is a fine, subtle and tailor-made piece of jewelry, 100% handcrafted in our atelier in Antwerp.



  • Get in touch

    At a first stage, discuss together with Laurence the type of jewel and design you are dreaming about. All the aspects will be carefully studied: practicability, style, type of stones, budget.
  • Choose your favourite treasure

    Based on the discussion, Laurence will come back to you with a selection of stones (diamonds and/or colored stones) in order for you to choose your crush.

  • We are on it!

    Laurence and her team of goldsmiths will start to draw a 3D of the jewel and will send you a first draft in a few days. When approved, it is time to start to craft your shining piece.
  • D-day has arrived

    In about 14 days, you receive your bespoke piece of jewelry, entirely made by you and for you.


1. It is your piece of jewelry, so you call the shots. You choose which stone and which color of gold you like.


2. Based on your criteria, Laurence selects the most attractive stones and sends them to her ateliers in Antwerp or Vicenza. They calibrate them into a computer-aided drawing (CAD). 


3. The drawing is sent to a 3D printer and gets printed in wax. Did you know that that process takes about 5 to 8 hours per piece of jewelry?



4. Is your jewelry just a print? Of course not. The 3D printer creates a wax mold that is used to cast your jewelry in solid 18K gold.


5. After casting, the piece is polished and cleaned and sent to Laurence’s setters. There they carefully set the stones in the gold design under a microscope. 


6. After a final polish, your finished unique piece leaves our atelier and begins its final journey to you.

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