Chloé Fancy Pink Diamond Pendant

7,990.00 €

This new jewelry capsule is set with natural pink diamonds, retrieved from the Argyle mine in Australia and accompanied by a GIA certificate, mentioning their origin. It is indeed unusual to be able to track the origin of a diamond, since it is handled by different hands during the cutting and polishing processes, and when it is offered on the market. The pink diamonds set by Laurence in her designs have been indeed submitted to the GIA under their rough form, and a second time when polished, which allows her to offer you a full traceability.

Beyond being investment stones, these pink diamonds, graded "Fancy Intense” -one of the two best grades on the color scale with “Vivid” - represent pure love, rare and precious, which unite two persons. It is an invitation to the eternal gentleness.

This rare radiant fancy intense pink diamond weighs 0.10ct and is surrounded by a halo of small round pinkish diamonds, adding a subtle touch to the refined design. Would you like a larger diamond? It’s possible, just contact Laurence.

Chain thickness: 1mm

Chain length: 40cm

You’ll receive an authentic diamond grading report from GIA, mentioning the Australian origin of the diamond.

  • Your jewel is made in 18K gold

  • It contains

    • Diamant(s)
      • Radiant (forme)
      • 0.10ct - Natural Fancy Intense Pink

        ~0.10ct total weight round pinkish diamonds

        To order a different carat size, contact Laurence

    Veuillez noter que le poids en carat, le nombre de pierres et les dimensions du produit peuvent varier en fonction de la taille de la création commandée.
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