The DNA of Laurence’s designs has always lied into a bride palette of colors. Intense, deep, saturated hues that she finds in the precious stones she selects carefully worldwide.

In her new capsule « AURORA » composed of fourteen statement pieces, Laurence took her inspiration in the mandalas she used to color when she was a child. A mandala is a spiritual symbol of the universe in its ideal form. It is for her a meditation tool. It opens up an interpretation of her own universe, life, inspirations, style. She always liked the details of their shape and complex pattern, and mixes intense and warm colors to make them alive. 

This new collection falls within her proper definition of « High-end Jewelry ». Each piece is a real treasure, and all its details have been carefully imagined and designed for a whole year by Laurence & her precious team.

14 Produit(s) trouvé(s)
  1. Aurora VII 4,390.00 €
  2. Aurora V (per pair) 5,890.00 €
  3. Aurora VI 4,990.00 €
  4. Aurora XII (per pair) 12,990.00 €
  5. Aurora X (per pair) 4,890.00 €
  6. Aurora I 4,790.00 €
  7. Aurora XIII 4,790.00 €
  8. Aurora III 3,990.00 €
  9. Aurora II (per pair) 4,990.00 €
  10. Aurora VIII 4,990.00 €
  11. Aurora IX 5,690.00 €
  12. Aurora XIV 6,890.00 €