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Elegant, refined, handmade and affordable. These are the pillars of each of Laurence Vandenborre’s jewelry collections. As a gemologist and jewelry designer she strongly believes that every woman should feel beautiful and free to assert her personality.

That is exactly what her designs with precious stones reflect: elegant luxury that does not cost a fortune. Does affordable mean less stylish? On the contrary: the pieces are easy to wear and still embody uniqueness and refinement. The finishing touch? Every ring, necklace, earring and bracelet can be tailor-made to your taste. Looking for some personal advice to design the jewel of your dreams? Book a private appointment or have a look at our album for some inspiration.

Besides the tailor-made jewelry, Laurence designs capsule collections around a specific memory or theme. Are you ready to shine? Shop online.

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Love is like a pink diamond–precious & rare to find.

Diamond mines are not forever. The world’s most productive mine in Australia, Argyle, has closed on November 2020. It was famed for supplying 90% of the world’s pink diamonds, among the rarest and most valuable gems on earth. They are nature beauty and genuine scarcity. Laurence's new jewelry capsule is the ultimate gift of love.

Laurence's pink diamonds
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Upcoming Events

How much do you know about the world’s most sought-after gemstone? Dive into the fascinating history of diamonds with our Diamond Workshops in Antwerp, Liège and Brussels. As a former lecturer at HRD Antwerp, Laurence genuinely enjoys sharing her passion for diamonds and colored stones. Get in touch for Laurence’s upcoming workshops or book your private sessions. 

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  • Antwerp


    Laurence Vandenborre’s atelier is located in Antwerp, the world’s leading diamond center since 1447. Thanks to the Antwerp Diamond Heritage she can work closely with highly skilled manufacturers, goldsmiths and setters and maintain strict control over quality standards.
  • Stones


    As Laurence has been a gemologist since 2015, she analyses and ethically selects each diamond and colored stone herself. All diamonds are accompanied by grading reports issued by renowned laboratories. That way your piece of jewelry does not only look breathtaking, its background is impeccable too.
    As the stones are bought from local wholesalers directly, Laurence offers competitive prices compared to traditional jewelry stores.

  • Expertise


    You deserve the very best. That is why each piece has an elegant design that has been carefully handcrafted in Laurence’s atelier. She only uses high quality materials like 18K gold and platinum and meticulously oversees each step of the manufacturing process. Sketching your design, making a 3D rendition and the actual crafting: every step gets her undivided attention.
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