about laurence vandenborre

Laurence Vandenborre is a young, experienced Belgian jewelry designer based in Antwerp. At the age of fourteen she was already selling her own handmade jewelry set with Swarovski pearls. But her true dream? Designing and marketing her very own collection.

With her master’s degree in Marketing and Strategic Intelligence (2013) and her degree in Gemology from the Gemological Institute of America (2015) in her pocket, Laurence began chasing her dream to become a jewelry designer. For 5 years she worked at HRD Antwerp, a renowned diamond laboratory in Antwerp. First as a lecturer and then as Marketing Director.

In June 2019 Laurence’s dream came true: she launched her first jewelry collection. All her creations were (and still are) a true embodiment of her vision: stylish jewelry that can be worn every day by women from every walk of life with every kind of budget. Elegant pieces that reflect their personal style, their character within and that make them feel unique and confident.

Laurence is an enormously creative mind: she plays with all sorts of colors, shapes and textures. That is why her refined, elegant and dynamic jewels speak to a very varied and wide target audience. Yes, there is a piece for every taste.

Everyone should be able to enjoy the beauty of gems like diamonds, sapphires, tourmalines and opals, according to Laurence. These precious stones are the centerpieces of her collections and come from all over the world (Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Thaïland,...).

As Laurence stands for high quality, all the stones are set by hand in 18K gold in her ateliers in Belgium and Italy. And there is more: she ethically analyses and selects all the gems she uses. Jewelry set with diamonds comes with grading reports issued by a renowned certification lab. High quality, ethics and transparency are of the utmost importance.

Reward yourself here with a handmade,personalized, refined and elegant piece of luxury that fits your budget.

  • Quality


    Laurence has a solid relationship with all her highly skilled manufacturers, goldsmiths and setters from Belgium and Italy. That way she maintains control over all the quality standards. She analyses and ethically selects all the stones herself. These approved gems are then carefully handcrafted in local ateliers.
  • Simplicity


    Less is more. That is why Laurence designs elegant and refined jewelry pieces for everyday wear and for every budget. No matter the occasion or time, Laurence wants you to feel unique, confident and proud when wearing your LV Fine Jewelry pieces.
  • Transparency


    Transparency is key for Laurence. She gladly takes you through the wonderful journey of your unique jewelry design and shares her secrets of the manufacturing processes. She uses only high-quality materials and keeps a careful eye on the whole process: the design itself, the 3D rendering and the actual crafting. Each step of the way she makes sure that everything is in compliance with her high-quality standards.
  • Antwerp


    Laurence Vandenborre’s atelier is located in Antwerp, the world’s leading diamond center since 1447. Thanks to the Antwerp Diamond Heritage she can work closely with highly skilled manufacturers, goldsmiths and setters and maintain strict control over quality standards.
  • Stones


    As Laurence has been a gemologist since 2015, she analyses and ethically selects each diamond and colored stone herself. All diamonds are accompanied by grading reports issued by renowned laboratories. That way your piece of jewelry does not only look breathtaking, its background is impeccable too.
    As the stones are bought from local wholesalers directly, Laurence offers competitive prices compared to traditional jewelry stores.

  • Expertise


    You deserve the very best. That is why each piece has an elegant design that has been carefully handcrafted in Laurence’s atelier. She only uses high quality materials like 18K gold and platinum and meticulously oversees each step of the manufacturing process. Sketching your design, making a 3D rendition and the actual crafting: every step gets her undivided attention.