Lab grown diamonds - rings & bands


Laboratory grown diamonds are created in a laboratory or factory rather than occurring in nature and mined from the earth. They ARE NOT DIAMOND’S IMITATIONS like a cubic zirconium.

The reason why Laurence wanted to start promoting lab grown diamonds is because she believes they have the right to exist on the market and have their own audience. She believes that some customers would like to spend their engagement ring budget on a bigger synthetic stone (with very nice color/clarity grades as growth conditions of the diamonds can be monitored) rather than having a smaller natural counterpart for the same amount of money.

As jewelry designer and gemologist, Laurence's role is to promote different kind of stones and to find THE ONE which fits the believes, tastes, and wallet of her customers. Therefore she is happy to launch her new Bridal Collection « The Lab Grown Show » dedicated to brides(to-be) who would value to wear on their finger a lab grown diamond from 1 carat & up. Because sometimes, BIGGER IS SIMPLY BETTER. 

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  1. Carina Ring 2,990.00 €
  2. Rebecca Eternity Band 4,990.00 €
  3. Sarah Eternity Band 3,990.00 €
  4. Cristina Ring 4,990.00 €
  5. Marcia Ring 5,590.00 €
  6. Olimpia Ring 6,490.00 €
  7. Faustina Eternity Band 3,990.00 €
  8. Agatina Ring 3,590.00 €
  9. Manuela Ring 4,590.00 €
  10. Emilia Eternity Band 6,990.00 €
  11. Valentina Ring 4,590.00 €