Hi there, we are an online boutique. But before ordering, you can meet us face-to-face in our offices.

 A jewelry piece is an emotional treasure which requires a thoughtful buying behaviour. You acquire a piece because it reflects a special and specific moment in your life, but also because you know it will become a family heirloom, a part of your story which will survive various generations. As you may know I mainly offer my collections online through Instagram and my website. However I feel very important to offer the possibility to meet me before making a purchase. Because you have to trust my process and to get the reassuring feeling that you are in good hands. You have to make sure that the budget you are willing to spend will be wisely and fairly allocate to a qualitative piece you will wear a lifetime.


How & Where to take an appointment?

By WhatsApp : +32 477 61 07 37

By Email : info@lvfinejewelry.com


  • Antwerp office
    Tabakvest 3
    Antwerp Belgium
    By appointment only.
  • Liège office
    Liège Belgium
    Contact us for the exact address.
    By appointment only.
  • Paris office
    Rue de Mogador 33
    Paris France
    By appointment only.

If easier, just use our contact form to ask your question(s) and we will come back to you in the 24 hours