10 most popular diamond cuts for your engagement ring

Let’s face it: the first thing of your engagement ring that catches your eye? The diamond cut you’ve chosen. The shape of your diamond will define the whole style of your ring and the way it sparkles. But where to start? How do you decide which cut is perfect for you? Let Laurence help you out. Take a look at this checklist with the 10 most popular cuts.


0. Know yourself

Before we dive in, there is something you should do first: know yourself.

Are your current rings and overall style more modern? Or do you tend towards more vintage designs? Or are you in love with a more princess-like look? It’s important that your engagement ring reflects who you are within, as you’ll wear and look at it every day.

Also ask yourself: is the size important? Do you picture yourself walking around with a remarkable statement piece? Or do you prefer a tiny, elegant piece that elongates your fine finger? Once you have that image more or less clear, it’s time to browse the different cuts and to try them on! Let’s dig in.


1. Round brilliant cut

  • This is the most popular cut, because everyone loves a good sparkle.
  • It’s the most classical shape, but in general also the most expensive one, as much of the rough diamond is wasted and it exhibits the most brilliance.
  • Its 58 facets create a breathtaking play of light.
  • It has a universal shape, making it a perfect fit for many different settings, such as a solitaire stone, or a setting with two or three stones.

2. Princess cut

  • This face-up square shape, modern version of the round brilliant, is a royal second when it comes to popularity.
  • A more modern and geometrical look with an astonishing sparkle.
  • Less costly than the round brilliant cut, as less of the rough stone has been wasted.
  • Choose the right setting, as the sharp edges are prone to chipping. You wouldn’t want your beauty to break after a week.

Are you looking for a more vintage or unique piece? Then read on, because these might be too “thirteen in a dozen” for you. And of course: you’re just looking for the ONE.

3. Cushion cut

  • Influenced by Minimal Art, this square or rectangular cut with gently rounded corners looks like a soft pillow.
  • 58 facets with a less intense sparkle than the round brilliant cut.
  • Used to be very popular in the 19th century, and its popularity is on the rise again.
  • Perfect if you prefer a more vintage setting with an old-world vibe.

4. Emerald cut

  • Rectangular step cut with an open table and cropped corners.
  • The mirror-like facets have a more subdued sparkle, instead of being blindingly brilliant.
  • Shaped by the Art Deco movement, emerald cut diamonds possess perfect symmetry and deliver elegant presence rather than brilliance.
  • The stone itself looks larger than it is and will elegantly elongate your finger too.

5. Marquise cut

  • Regal feel thanks to the curved sides and pointed ends.
  • The long, narrow shape makes your finger look longer when wearing it vertically.
  • Marquise diamonds are also referred to as "navette", meaning "little boat" in French.
  • The distinguishing edges are its weak point: they chip easily. So, make sure to choose a firm design.

6. Oval cut

  • An elongated version of the round diamond with just as much sparkle.
  • Elegant and extraordinary choice that will lengthen your finger.
  • Loved for their brilliance and contemporary air, oval cut diamonds emphasise size and personal style.

7. Radiant cut

  • What’s in a name? The radiant cut indeed radiates a lot of sparkle.
  • Reminds of an emerald or princess cut, without the greater risk of chipping.
  • Radiant cut diamonds are some of the sparkliest on the market. Invented in 1977, the diamond cut is the most modern diamond shape.
  • Do you desire a big-looking rock? Then this cut is not for you, as the deep cuts make the stone appear smaller.
  • Rare cut so the choice will probably be limited

8. Pear cut

  • Or: the teardrop
  • Dating back to the 1400s, this shape is perfect if you love a more vintage design.
  • Combining brilliance with fashion-forward shape, pear cut diamonds are prized for their exquisite beauty.
  • Does size matter to you? Then this is a great choice, as the stone appears larger than it is.
  • The pointed tip makes the diamond prone to chipping, so make sure to choose a firm setting such as a bezel or half-V setting.

9. Heart cut

  • A true sweetheart this one, although not often used as an engagement ring.
  • Heart shaped cut is the most romantic symbol of love.
  • Contemporary cut with a feminine shape that is not too traditional.
  • Works perfectly as a solitaire stone or with more stones.
  • Might cost more, because it is a more complicated cut.

10. Baguette cut

  • Long, rectangular shape in an Art Deco-style.
  • Don’t like your engagement too flashy? Then a subtle baguette diamond band might be perfect for you.
  • Often used as accent diamond in other engagement rings.
  • It has few facets, so the clarity and the precision of the cuts are very important.

You see: every cut has its own traits. Have you found one (or more) that might make you want to say “I do!”? Then it’s time to try on some designs!
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