Beryl (Emerald, Aquamarine, Morganite)

Aquamarine comes from the Latin word for sea water. As the name already gives away, the color range of the stone varies from greenish blue to blue-green in light tones. The clarity of the aquamarine is breathtaking too. Most of them are found in Brazil.

Fun fact: to get a purer blue color, the stone can be heated to remove any yellowish tints.

Were you born in March? Then the aquamarine is your birthstone!

Emerald is the most famous member of the beryl family. Chances are high you have heard of this precious stone. Its signature green color stands for growth and spring, making it the perfect birthstone for May. Emeralds are mainly found in Colombia, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Colombian emeralds are highly praised for their astonishing color. And Zambian emeralds are known for their good clarity.

Emeralds typically have inclusions that you can see with the naked eye. That is why they are often described as looking mossy or garden-like. Eye-clean emeralds are extremely valuable because they are so rare and hard to find.

Fun fact: The emerald is the gemstone for twentieth and thirty-fifth wedding anniversaries. Were you born in May? Then the emerald is your birthstone!

Morganite is the favorite gem of many collectors because of its beauty and rareness. Its finest color is a deep magenta, but most morganites on the market are a pale pink. The major sources are Afghanistan, Brazil, Madagascar and the US.

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