Lab Grown Diamond

Not all diamonds are products of nature. Some are grown in a lab. These diamonds are manmade but have the same optical and physical features as natural diamonds, such as their chemical composition, refractive index and 4Cs.

The only difference? Its point of origin. One is grown above ground, while the other is extracted from the ground. There are 2 ways to produce a lab-grown diamond. One is HPHT, which means under high pressure and high temperature. The other is CVD, which means chemical vapor deposition.

Why choose lab-grown diamonds? First, some people argue they are more environment-friendly than their natural counterparts because there is no mining process needed to extract them. But what really tips the scale? The price! Indeed, lab-grown diamonds are approximately 30 to 40% cheaper than natural diamonds, as the rarity factor does not apply to them. They can be reproduced in mass. Furthermore, their quality is very nice regarding color/clarity grades as growth conditions of the diamonds can be monitored.

Can’t wait to have a diamond of your own without spending a fortune? As she has access to a large selection of shapes and colors, Laurence can make a bespoke piece of jewelry with lab-grown diamonds upon request. She also launched her Bridal Collection entirely made with lab-grown diamonds.

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