Just like topaz, tourmaline’s color range is one of the widest. It exists in almost any color, every shade and hue. And just like its colors, its origin is equally wide. Tourmaline can be found in Afghanistan, Brazil, Kenya, Madagascar, Mozambique, Myanmar, Namibia, Pakistan, Russia and the US.

Fun fact: Some of its color varieties have some special trade names. There is rubellite, which can be pink, red, purplish red orange red or brownish red. Indicolite can be dark blue with a hue of violet, blue or greenish blue. Paraiba tourmaline from the state of Paraiba in Brazil can be intense violet-blue, greenish blue. Chrome tourmaline is intense green and watermelon tourmaline is pink in the center and green around the outside.

You see, tourmaline is a precious stone that deserves to be admired. Discover Laurence’s jewelry collections here, and paradise doesn’t seem that far away anymore.

  • Green Tourmaline
  • Tourmaline Rubellite
  • Tourmaline Indicolite
  • Tourmaline Verdelite