Earrings never fall out of fashion! Do you love to stand out? Then statement earrings are the must-wear accessory. Laurence, for example, loves to wear studs with colored stones in combination with large diamond hoops.

 Rosé, yellow or white gold, it is up to you. Treat yourself to a pair of high-quality, 18kt, refined gold earrings. Whatever style you fancy, whichever personality trait you’d like to highlight, Laurence has a design for every one.

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  1. Hoop Diamond Earrings L (per pair) 3,590.00 €
  2. Diamond Hexagonal Hoops 1,145.00 €
  3. Diamond Shape Earrings 2,890.00 €
  4. Diamond Curve Earrings 2,190.00 €
  5. Diamond Mini Hoops (per pair) 845.00 €
  6. Black Diamond Mini Hoops (per pair) 800.00 €
  7. Sapphire Mini Hoops (per pair) 800.00 €
  8. Colored Stone Studs (per pair) 675.00 €
  9. Diamond Studs (per pair) 875.00 €
  10. Diamond Bezel Studs (per pair) 925.00 €