How to choose the perfect engagement ring

Are you considering buying an engagement ring? Congratulations! You are about to enter in a very exciting period in your life and it might be easy to get caught up in the romance, but you also know that an engagement ring is a considerable expense. That’s why you have to choose it wisely and carefully, and receive all the advices you need by your jeweller.

Here below you will find some tips and steps to consider in order to find the perfect engagement ring for your other half.


1. Think about the diamond shape you will choose

Every shape has a different degree of brilliance and fire, and is priced differently.

Round diamonds are the most expensive as their cut displays the biggest quantity of fire and brilliance. Pear, oval and marquise are less costly. If you consider the size being the most important factor, you can get a larger stone at a better price when you choose an alternative shape to the classic round brilliant cut.

Before contacting us to make your bespoke engagement ring, take the time to browse the different shapes and to select one (or two) that you prefer.

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2. Consider the carat size of the chosen diamond shape, while taking into account the others “Cs”.

The usual question of quality versus quantity also applies to engagement rings. Some people will prefer a larger diamond than a diamond with a better color grade. Others will choose a better clarity grade over a larger carat size.

If size matters, focus on what you can get for your defined budget, and be flexible on the other parameters like colour and clarity. For example, if you have a budget of 2000-3000 euros, you can expect a diamond of about 0.50ct for a reasonable color, clarity and cut grade. If you have a budget of 3000-4000 euros, you will target a diamond of about 0.70ct for a good quality diamond.

Always keep an open mind. Your partner might think she knows what she wants when it comes to size or shape, but the more she is browsing or even trying one different designs, the quicker she might change her mind as she might get a crush on a total different ring. It’s always different once you start seeing diamond shapes and ring designs in real life.

Concerning the carat size, here is an important tip: in order to save some money, choose a less common carat size when available. Diamond prices tend to increase drastically when they hit the “magical weights”, which are the most desired ones (0.30, 0.50, 0.70, 1 carat etc). If available, buy a diamond which is close to these common weights, and nobody will be able to make the difference between, for example, a 0.91 carat and a 1 carat diamond.

Here is another tip: save some money by buying a diamond with a color grade which is not at the top of the scale, and which still looks colorless to the naked eye once set in a ring. For diamonds set in white gold, the color grade will be around G or H. With a yellow gold setting, you could even go down to an I or J. The difference in price between an I color and a D color is huge.

As for the clarity, choose a clarity grade in the middle of the scale, with a diamond still clean to the naked eye. You may have sometimes a very nice SI1 grade, with the major inclusion being located close to the diamond’s girdle, with the great potential to be hidden by a prong when set. It is very unlikely anyway that you will be able to see some inclusions, even with a loupe, in diamonds ranging from VVS till SI.

Concerning the cut grade, always choose the best possible grades Excellent or Very good. It’s the cut of the diamond which gives it that gorgeous sparkle most people love. This important parameter greatly influences the overall brilliance and fire of the stone.

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3. Choose the gold color

Traditionally, engagement rings (and wedding bands) are made in 18kt yellow or white gold. In recent years, rose gold has emerged as a fresh and modern alternative.

Platinum might also be an alternative to white gold, but is more expensive because of its greater density and rarity. Check our blog article about gold and platinum here.


4. Get her/your finger properly measured

For him: getting to know her finger size without her knowing might be a tricky step. But we’ve got your back with our Ring Size Chart. It will help you making an estimation of her finger size according to two methods. Rest assured that if the size is not the right one when you will propose, you will always be able to get a resize of the ring. Little tip: it is always better to go for a smaller size than to go for a bigger one.

For her: if you are browsing engagement rings and hope that this will encourage him to propose, be prepared and get your finger sized with us in advance, and then casually mention your size next time the topic comes up (or tell it to friends around you to who your boyfriend will potentially interrogate).

If you are shopping for wedding bands, just come together to us to get your finger properly sized with our professional tools.


5. Stacking at its best: consider how the engagement ring will look together with a wedding band

For him: while choosing the engagement ring, it is important that you consider a potential stack with the future wedding band: girls love it!

For her:  think about what style of wedding band would fit with your engagement ring and let him know about it. Open conversation is always the best option. Some engagement rings don’t allow a band to fit flush against them, so do not hesitate to ask us about the dream combo you have in mind. We will advise you in the best way possible.

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6. Always get a certificate for diamond bigger than 0.30 carat

Buying an engagement ring is an expensive purchase, which you will have to make by taking your time to shop smartly. Make sure you get a certificate from a renowned laboratory as the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) or HRD (Hoge Raad voor Diamanten). A diamond grading report, or certificate, is the ID card of a diamond. It describes thoroughly its quality (4Cs), and thus its value. A diamond certificate assures you that you have in hand the diamond you paid for.


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