Laurence Vandenborre

about laurence vandenborre


Laurence Vandenborre is a young Belgian jewellery designer based in Antwerp. When, at the age of fourteen, she was selling her own handmade jewellery set with Swarovski pearls, Laurence was already dreaming of one day marketing her own collection.

After graduating with a master's degree in Marketing & Strategic Intelligence (2013) and a degree in Gemmology (2015) at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), Laurence began to chase her dream. She worked for 5 years at HRD Antwerp, a renowned diamond laboratory based in Antwerp, first as a Lecturer and then as Marketing Director. In June 2019, Laurence launched her first jewelry collection with a strong vision: to design stylish jewellery that can be worn every day by women from all walks of life, which reflects their personal style and makes them feel confident.

Thanks to her highly individual and creative take on colours, shapes, and textures, Laurence succeeds in designing refined, dynamic jewels that speak to a wide target audience. Due to her profound fascination with diamonds, sapphires, tourmalines, and opals, Laurence wants to put these gems in the limelight and make them accessible to everyone. She aims to offer refined, high-quality jewels suited to different budgets.

Handmade in ateliers in Belgium and Italy, all her jewellery is made from 18k gold. Furthermore, the gems that Laurence uses are ethically analysed and selected. Jewellery set with diamonds include -upon request- a grading report issued by a renowned diamond lab.

  • Quality


    By having a solid relationship with our highly skilled manufacturers, goldsmiths, and setters from Belgium and Italy, we maintain control over quality standards. All our stones are analysed and selected ethically and our jewellery pieces are carefully handcrafted in local ateliers.
  • Simplicity


    Because we believe that less is more, we design elegant jewelry pieces for everyday wear. Regardless of the occasion or time, we want you to feel confident and proud when wearing your LV Fine Jewelry pieces.
  • Transparency


    We are glad to take you through the fabulous journey of your jewelry design and share with you the secrets of the manufacturing processes. We only use high quality materials and oversee directly the different steps to make sure it is in compliance with our standards.