Laurence Vandenborre

the story innerLaurence Vandenborre, GIA graduate gemologist and jewelry designer, conveys her passion and love for precious stones in each of her designs.

« I want to create jewelry for today’s woman that can be worn every day and that allows each woman to reveal her personal style and feel confident. »

She wants to keep tradition alive as she gives a huge importance to the value of jewelry for the women who buy it. Her collections are full of emotions, memories, passion and love. Laurence confides « I love the idea that each woman can buy her own jewelry and that pieces will be passed from generation to generation. »

The eponymous brand name, Laurence Vandenborre, is a brand she wears herself every day, and this detail that she holds close to her heart is why she wants her jewelry to be easy to wear, yet stylish.

“Fresh dynamic collections that reach a broad feminine client base.”

This is the inspiration for the brand. The collections are modern but timeless. In her different capsules, she conveys her perception of colors, shapes, and textures. Her attraction to diamonds, sapphires, tourmalines and opals remains as strong as ever and Laurence wants to put the spotlight on them by making them accessible to all. This is her priority: “I am an advocate for affordable luxury. I want to offer quality jewelry that meets different budgets.”

Laurence is very demanding of herself and of her client’s expectations, a focus that she conveys also through her bespoke service. The essential for her is to know her product perfectly, its origin and manufacturing process. Therefore, her jewelry pieces set with diamonds can be, upon request, accompanied by a grading report issued by a renowned lab. 

  • Quality made in Antwerp

    Quality made in Antwerp

    By having a great relationship with our highly skilled manufacturers, goldsmiths, and setters from Antwerp, we maintain control over quality standards. All our stones are analyzed and selected ethically and our jewellery pieces are carefully handcrafted in local ateliers.
  • Simplicity


    Because we believe that less is more, we design elegant jewelry pieces for everyday wear. Regardless of the occasion or time, we want you to feel confident and proud when wearing your LV Fine Jewelry pieces.
  • Transparency


    We are glad to take you through the fabulous journey of your jewelry creation and share with you the secrets of the manufacturing processes. We only use high quality materials and oversee directly the different steps to make sure it is in compliance with our standards.